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Cleapatra Williams is the Founder of Becoming Confident, a self-improvement platform dedicated to supporting women on their journey to confidence. As the host of the "Becoming Confident: Journey To Building Healthy Self-Esteem" podcast and a Confidence Coach, Cleapatra draws on her life experience and training to help women cultivate confidence, build healthy self-esteem, and elevate their self-concept. Her mission is to empower women to create their desired reality with happiness and fulfillment by becoming who they want to be.


Cleapatra Williams, a mother, podcast host, and Confidence Coach, has always had a strong desire to empower young women and women to be their best, love themselves, and aim higher. However, Cleapatra's own journey was not always a perfect reflection of her message. She struggled for a long time with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and a negative self-concept.

Cleapatra spent many years living a reality that she unintentionally created and did not enjoy. Her own journey included 

  • battling self-hate, 
  • becoming a young single mother 
  • navigating various jobs,
  • facing ambitious goals hindered by a lack of confidence,
  • dealing with depression, 
  • dealing with sense of purposelessness,
  • feeling overlooked, 
  • and a lack of self-worth 

However, she knew that this couldn't be all that life had to offer, so in April 2022, after experiencing crippling anxiety while working yet another unfulfilling job, not starting a business that she was planning for 3 years, struggling with the feelings of ruining her child because of this, and contemplating suicide. She decided that enough was enough and determined to break the cycle for her daughter and future generations, she embarked on a becoming confident journey to become confident, create who she desired to be, create her desired reality, so that she can find happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

Cleapatra truly embodies the potential for cultivating confidence in one's own unique way and on their own terms. She knows that true confidence is the gateway to attaining happiness, peace, abundance, and fulfillment in every facet of life. Cleapatra firmly believes that women possess all the necessary tools within themselves to create the life they envision. Once they embrace this inner power, they become unstoppable, capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Inspired by her personal transformation, Cleapatra is on a mission to guide other women in living their best lives, using her own journey as a source of inspiration and guidance.

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Speaking Topics

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Description: Receive The Next Level Tips You need To transformed Your Life From The Inside Out

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She's Confident And Unstoppable: 5 Secrets To Making it Your Time and Getting In the Game Of The Life That You Want To Have

Description: Learn How To No Longer Be A Spectator, but Instead Become A Participant In Building The Life You Want

Topic 3

Cultivating Healthy Self-Esteem: The #1 Path To Thriving From Within

Description: The Secret To Happiness And Having A Better Experience With Yourself

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"Each time I listen to Cleapatra, I walk away inspired and enlightened. I personally struggle with it myself and found comfort in listening to her journey."


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